When the Tow Truck Needs Towing Itself

Tow truck drivers are always seen as the superheroes coming to the rescue. Your car is stuck on the side of the road and won’t turn on, so they come to transport it into a mechanic shop for repairs. Your vehicle ended up in the middle of an accident, damaged and undriveable, and a tow truck technician comes to transport it away for you. The roads get muddy and your car gets stuck, and a tow truck has to pull you out. These are just a few of the wonderful rescue stories that tow truck drivers get to tell. But what about when they themselves are in need of rescue? Who do they call?

Well, of course, they call their fellow trusted tow truck drivers to come to the rescue. If a tow truck driver can tow anything from a motorcycle to a heavy duty truck, then it can tow another tow truck, no problem. As a tow truck driver, you’ll often find yourself going into sticky situations like messy roads or accident zones, and there is a real likelihood that your own vehicle will get stuck in the attempt to tow the other. But this is easily solved by contacting a fellow Austin tow truck driver to come to help you out.

Whether it’s pulling your tow truck out of a ditch or getting it out of an accident zone, On Call Towing professional tow truck technicians can do it. All our technicians are trained in how to transport any kind of vehicle from motorcycle to heavy duty truck to tow truck, and so your tow truck will be in good, safe hands. As the typical rescuer, it may be hard as a tow truck driver to imagine a need to be rescued yourself. However, just like how you advise all those you help to have the number of a good towing company on hand for an emergency, you should do the same. When you find yourself in a rare situation where your Austin tow truck needs a tow itself, call us at On Call Towing for a lift. We’re professional tow truck drivers, we know how it goes, and we’ll get you straightened out and back on the job in no time.