Different Types of Tow Truck

 Some people believe that towing a damaged vehicle is a cinch. In reality, it’s a complex process and one that shouldn’t be undertaken by an amateur. Just choosing the wrong towing technique or type of tow truck can prove very costly.Here are the main types of tow trucks currently used by professional tow truck operators in the United States.

 Flatbed tow Truck

 Today, the flatbed tow truck is the truck of choice for most towing companies. The flatbed truck features a flat truck bed that is used to transport motorcycles, cars, SUVs and other medium duty vehicles. The flatbed offers a safe and secure method of transport that limits the chance of further damage.

 Hook & Chain Tow Truck

 Traditionally the first choice for tow truck companies, the hook and chain tow truck has fallen out of favor somewhat, although many operators do still have a truck or two available. The hook and chain truck requires a hook to be attached to a vehicle – ordinarily at the front end – which is then hoisted off the ground. The vehicle is transported with just two wheels on the ground. The potential risk of damage to the vehicle means most drivers opt for another form of tow truck.

 Wheel Lift Tow Truck

 Like a hook and chain tow truck, the wheel lift tow truck transports vehicles with two wheels off the ground. Unlike the hook and chain, a wheel lift uses a metal yoke – connected beneath both front wheels or both back wheels – to secure the vehicle to the truck. The distribution of weight means there is less chance of damage compared to the hook and chain tow truck.

 Tow Truck With a Dolly

 Tow dollies offer a lightweight alternative to flatbed towing and lifted towing. A dolly – a metal frame that a vehicle can be rested upon so that it is a few inches off the road – can be attached to many vehicles, including tow trucks, trucks and all-terrain vehicles. Some towing companies keep them handy for lightweight jobs.

 Specialist Tow Truck Equipment

 Extra heavy vehicles and machinery require specialist towing equipment. Specialist heavy duty tow trucks – capable of towing coaches, trucks, caravans, motorhomes and much more – come in all shapes and sizes but generally use some kind of lifting technique. If you live in or around Austin, Texas, On Call Towing can take care of all your towing needs. With a wide range of different tow trucks at the ready, we’re here to help.

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